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Welcome to Daily Kneads Therapeutic Massage

~You don't have to live with arthritis or fibromyalgia pain~
Fibromyalgia or arthritis pain can drain you in many ways both physically and emotionally

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage and Arthrossage Therapy can directly address your pain issues and bring relief both physically and mentally allowing you to be your best!

Getting regular massage can greatly help reduce pain. Wellness massage is an important part of staying healthy both physically and mentally. I mainly use Relaxing Therapeutic Massage and Pressure Point Therapies. Learn more about my services and rates.

Wellness Massage focuses on relieving stress and getting you back into your body again. Getting a regular weekly massage can do wonders for relieving pain and getting you back on track. After the initial pain is relieved, getting massage every 2 - 4 weeks can help keep that pain away. Pain can affect your work and family life by making you feel just miserable. Relieving that pain can help bring more peace to your life.

Please call with any questions about your health or to find out more about what massage can do your for you. Or send me an email. You can use the easy online scheduling system to look at my schedule and find the best appointment times.

To Your Health!

Audrey Nesbitt, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

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